woman 2692437 640We provide options for Ontario Real Estate Agents!

If you want to take a step back from actively working with buyers and sellers, or put your real estate career on hold for a time, parking your license with Karma Realty is a simple and cost effective way to keep your Ontario real estate license active, and your options open.

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By parking/shelving your license with Karma Realty, you will not pay any Board or franchise dues or fees. You can still earn referral fees and maintain your educational requirements. If you leave the industry without parking your license, you could loose it permanently!

Karma Realty provides a low cost solution for Real Estate Agents so they can maintain their licence in good standing with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) while taking a break from actively selling Real Estate.

According to this article by David Fleming, nearly nearly 35% of agents in the Toronto Real Estate board did ZERO transactions in 2017. That's right, more than a third of TREB's registered members did not do a single real estate transaction in 2017. That is 17,313 agents out of TREB's 50,000 members. 17,313 agents did ZERO transactions!

When you add in the Realtors that did only ONE transaction (8,344 TREB members), then the number rises to HALF of all agents in the Toronto Real Estate board. So half of all TREB member Realtors did one or less transactions in 2017.

Can you live on only 1 transaction a year? Not likely.

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A major Ontario Real Estate Agent parking brokerage is closing!

If you are currently parked with a brokerage that is closing and are now looking for a new brokerage to park with, we can help!

Don't close the door to your future! We provide options for Ontario Real Estate Agents to Park / Warehouse / Hold their license in Ontario.

We are keeping options for Ontario Real Estate Agents open!

Moving to Karma Realty is very easy and in most cases, can be completed within a day.

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The Toronto Real Estate Board predicts that a slower year is coming for Toronto's housing market. 2017's overheated market sent prices soaring, but 2018 looks to have a slower market. Causes include new goverment rules and rising mortage rates.

 "Federal and provincial policy decisions will act as a drag on demand for ownership housing." - Toronto Real Estate Board

See the full article here.

If a slowing Real Estate market has gotten you down, consider parking with us.