04The CBC reports that the number of realtors in Canada surged by 77 percent since 2008 and now with the looming slow down in the housing market, many will need to consider their options. Finding buyers and sellers in a good market is difficult, but it's even harder to close deals in a poor one. As independent contractors, realtors are faced with all kinds of financial challanges, including no steady income, high brokerage and association fees, advertising costs and more.

If the slowing Canadian Real Estate market is causing you to consider your options, one option is to park your license with Karma Realty until the market recovers. You can still earn referral fees and keep your license active, without many of the costs associated with other options. Contact us to see how we can help.

Read the full CBC article: "Canadian realtors brace for the end of the boom as housing market tightens".