License Lapsed 60 Days to 2 Years

Real Estate Parking made Easy!




Step 1 - Get Checked

Get CheckedPolice Check! 

If you have not been signed by a Brokerage for 60 days, RECO requires you to get a new police check. You will have to mail the ORIGINAL to RECO directly.


Education Check!

If you left more than 60 days ago, check with RECO to see if you need to take any courses.


RECO will want you to pay a $390 Re-Instatement fee plus a $200 application review fee and your errors & omissions Insurance. Insurance is $440 for the year, so they will figure out how much you have to pay depending on the date (it's pro-rated).

Step 2 -  Fill out your forms and send them in!

Fill out your forms 

You can get all the forms you need from us. There are only 2!

Download the RECO Re-Instatement. Don't worry about the Brokerage part, we'll fill that out! Make sure to sign it though! RECO will charge you $390.00 as a Re-Instatement Fee.

Download and fill out the Brokerage Registration Form!


Pay your Fees!

Pay your fees


You will be billed for your parking fee of $99 + HST. You can optionally choose to add 500 business cards for an additional $50 + HST.

You will also be billed by RECO for your other fees.




Step 4 - Get Paid for Referrals!


Refer anyone you know who wants to buy or sell to an active  agent and collect your paycheck when the deal closes!

We can provide you with highly qualified agents to send your Buyers and Sellers to ANYWHERE in the world!